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Saturday, March 22, 2014

Thanks and Scrivener!

Hello all,

Thank you to everyone who has given me the love and support I have needed during this difficult time. I felt it was time to continue to help more creative people. So, I found a coupon for Scrivener.



I absolutely love this program! It has made organization of my story lines, characterizations and locales a snap! Probably my favourite part is the corkboard. I am a visual person, so seeing my chapter summaries on one page helps me tremendously. It also helps me see the "holes" in the story.

Lest I forget, here's the coupon for 20% off Scrivener: WORDSWITHJAM

As of 03/20/2014, it was still available.

Here are some screenshots of the features from their website. I am giving my thoughts about each feature, however for more details, go to their site: Scrivener.


The corkboard utilizes virtual index cards in which you can add summaries to. The beautiful thing about it is, that if you move a card, then the document linked to it also moves. No more tedious copy/paste of large info blocks. You can colour-code and label, group documents, and stack cards.


I use the outliner to organize my ideas. I love having the labels, modified date and word count. Of course, the colour-coding appeals to the visual artist in me. 


This feature allows you to view the flow of your project. It allows you to scroll from section to section. This is a more detail-oriented way of editing for errors, flow, etc. It takes multiple documents and allows you to edit them as one.

Text Editing

When using this, you can highlight, change text colour, add bulletpoints, lists, etc. The best part is, you can create your document in the font you like, but export or print it in the font required by the publicists!

Tools for Writing Non-Fiction

There are all sorts of tools to use. From a non-fiction manuscript template, to a research proposal, a humanities essay, even a recipe collection template. You can do research online from within the program. 


The things I could have done easier in school, had I this scriptwriting tool. To be able to see the storyboard at the same time as you write the script? Heaven. *sigh*

Statistics and Targets

No more tedious counting or aimless guesses. You know exactly what you have.


Before making a major edit, take a snapshot and then move on. You will have a history of edits that you can go back to.

Full Screen - Evolved

With multiple options, you can customize your look and make it fullscreen so you won't be tempted to do something else when you are supposed to be writing.

Integration Between the Corkboard, Outliner and Editor

You can switch between views with a click or a combination key stroke. Very easy to move back and forth.


With collections, you can have running, colour-coded tabs along side of your main story. You can track drafts, characters and story lines.

Name Generator

Most of the time, we have the names of our protagonists. However, once you start adding secondary and tertiary characters, it can get tedious to come up with names. The name generator can help you with that.

Automatic Backups

The final feature I want to discuss is the auto-backup feature. I don't know about you, but once I get ensconced in a project, I suddenly lose track of time. It gives me peace of mind to know that the program is doing an auto-backup. If a storm suddenly pops up and causes your power to go out, there is the peace of knowing that there is a backup available.

Well, I hope this has given you some insight into one of my favourite programs. I know that I try to find as many free options as I can. While this does give you 30 days free trial, it will still cost you something. However, if you are serious about writing, this will give you an immense advantage in the organization of your work and multiple projects.

Keep Creating,


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