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Saturday, October 19, 2013

Hi, all!

The reason I have been away is that I am working on a rather large project that includes designing products and creating an informational blog page that mirrors the subject matter of each product. As I have very little free time, it's taking an enormous amount of energy and time to do. However, I have not forgotten you. I found a lovely site that can be used free to make forms. It can be surveys, inventory lists for ordering, etc. It is really user friendly and works well for a visual person like me. It feels intuitive to me. This is what the free site includes:
Monthly Submissions, 10 SSL Secure Submissions, 10 Receive Payments
100 MB
Available Space
Sub-user Account
Forms, Reports
Fields per Form
Even if you need more than what the free site provides, it is still a reasonably priced service. I know, I know... I have kept in suspense enough. Here's the link:  www.jotform.com 

Keep creating,


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