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Saturday, May 7, 2011

Free Commercial Use Programs for Viewing Fonts and Brushes

I just wanted to take a moment to go over some programs that I use. How many of us have hundreds of fonts and brushes? <-- raises hand.

 It can be a pain to look at the fonts and brushes. If you are doing a series of cards or designs, but forget to write down which font you used. . . it's too painful to even voice out loud. Needless to say, these programs are a life-saver! At the bottom of this post I am linking examples of when I used the programs to determine what I would use for my cards. To view fonts, you can download Font Xplorer for free. It says that it does not support Windows Vista, but is working fine with my Windows Vista 64-bit system. Because mine is 64-bit, very few freeware font viewers work on my computer. Here is the link to download Font Xplorer:

Font Xplorer

The second program I use is one to show your myriad of Photoshop brushes. Remember, Gimp is capable of using Photoshop brushes. It is called abrMate; named after the Photoshop .abr brush extension. You can find it here:


Here are a few samples of cards that I made while using these tools:

Font Xplorer allowed me to go through my numerous fonts to determine which one I wanted to use for this card -

Purple Mom's Day Bear Card

abrMate allowed me to go through my numerous brushes to determine which one I wanted to use for these cards:

Yellow Happy Easter Card

Teal Chakra Lotus Namaste Card:

Have fun with your new programs!


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