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Sunday, January 22, 2012

Fun Photo Touch-Up Program!

I hope everyone had a happy holiday season! Thanks to my friend Ed, I have a new and fun toy to play with: Perfect365 by ArcSoft .

As with most programs, there is a free version and an upgraded ($29.95 USD) version. This program comes in a Windows, Mac, iPhone and iPad version. You take a photo of a person and can easily manipulate their make-up. You can also use it to remove blemishes. It was meant to enhance natural looks, but there are a decent amount of colours to create fun, "high-fashion" looks. It comes with one-click presets, but there are more online that you can download. I decided to have fun with some pictures I had of myself. Take a look!

Here is an image I had:

Now here it is with a little "enhancement":

The next two are one-click presets that are part of the program. Supposedly, every Friday they will have new one to download. The first one is "breeze" and the second one is "glow."

Finally, I have three pictures that I did manually. The first one is me with my brown eyes, in the second one I have dark grey eyes and in the third one I have light grey eyes. Ever wondered what coloured contacts would look like on you? Here's your chance to find out.

So, that is it for Perfect365. It is a fun way to do a make-over. Have fun with it and keep creating!


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